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Phys Rev Lett. 2009 Jan 16;102(2):023002. Epub 2009 Jan 13.

Absolute frequency measurement of the 40Ca+ 4s(2)S_(1/2)-3d(2)D_(5/2) clock transition.

Author information

Institut für Experimentalphysik, Universität Innsbruck, Technikerstrasse 25, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria.


We report on the first absolute transition frequency measurement at the 10;{-15} level with a single, laser-cooled 40Ca+ ion in a linear Paul trap. For this measurement, a frequency comb is referenced to the transportable Cs atomic fountain clock of LNE-SYRTE and is used to measure the 40Ca+ 4s ;{2}S_{1/2}-3d ;{2}D_{5/2} electric-quadrupole transition frequency. After the correction of systematic shifts, the clock transition frequency nu_{Ca;{+}}=411 042 129 776 393.2(1.0) Hz is obtained, which corresponds to a fractional uncertainty within a factor of 3 of the Cs standard. In addition, we determine the Landé g factor of the 3d;{2}D_{5/2} level to be g_{5/2}=1.200 334 0(3).

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