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Scott Med J. 1991 Jun;36(3):76-82.

Composition of seasonality of disease.

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University Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, Wellcome Library, Medical School, University of Aberdeen.


The composition of the seasonality of total death was ascertained. Vascular disease seasonality constitutes more than half. The remaining seasonality is influenced by respiratory disease. Surprisingly and of possible importance cancer mortality was not seasonal. Deaths from 'all other disease' and from 'injuries' is seasonal. Seasonality increases with age. In coronary and cerebrovascular disease death has a large seasonal fluctuation. On the other hand hospital admissions and survivors have a minor seasonal fluctuation--only cerebrovascular admissions reaching the chosen level of significance with a small seasonal amplitude. For vascular disease the ranking of seasonal fluctuation from greatest to least is--death outside hospital, total death, death inside hospital, admissions, survivors. It is death outside hospital presumably 'sudden' that imposes seasonality on coronary disease in general. For respiratory diseases not only death but hospital admissions and survivors have high amplitude seasonality with a much greater fluctuation than for death in vascular disease.

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