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Int J Clin Pract. 2009 Mar;63(3):433-8. doi: 10.1111/j.1742-1241.2008.01921.x.

Screening for sight threatening diabetic retinopathy using non-mydriatic retinal camera in a primary care setting: to dilate or not to dilate?

Author information

Clinical Medicine Department, Hospital Universitario Elche, University Miguel Hernandez, Alicante, Spain.



To evaluate three different strategies (without or with mydriasis) for community based screening for sight threatening diabetic retinopathy (STDR).


A masked cross-sectional comparative study.


Primary care centre.


216 type-1 and type-2 diabetic patients (432 eyes).


Screening for STDR was performed with the Topcon CRW6S non-mydriatic camera (NMC), compared with the grading of the seven-field standard stereoscopic photographs, 30 degrees field photographs with mydriasis as the gold standard method. Three fields were studied: Field 1 centred on the macula; field 2 centred on the disc and the macula and field 3 centred on the disc, on the macula and temporal upper to the macula all without and with mydriasis.


Sensitivity and specificity of screening method and prevalence of STDR. Strategies: field 1 (macular), addition of field 2 (nasal), addition of field 3 (superior temporal) all without and with mydriasis.


The prevalence of STDR was 14.3%. When screening without mydriasis is performed, the percentage of referred patients increases from 14% (STDR) to almost 33% because of ungradable photographs. Sensitivity of detection of STDR by NMC using single field with mydriasis was 82% (95% confidence interval 72-92%) and without mydriasis 67% (54-80%). Specificity was 99% (97-100%) for single field with mydriasis and 99% (98-100%) without mydriasis. Sensitivity of detection using two fields with mydriasis was 95% (89-100%); without mydriasis (54-80%), slightly better than single field with mydriasis (72-92%). Specificity was similar.


Screening for STDR with NMC can be performed effectively with one non-stereoscopic retinal photograph per eye with mydriasis using tropicamide 0.5%. Screening without mydriasis increases the number of patients to be referred.

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