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J Mol Biol. 1991 Sep 5;221(1):347-57.

Two-dimensional and epitaxial crystallization of a mutant form of yeast RNA polymerase II.

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Department of Cell Biology, Beckman Laboratories, Fairchild Center, Stanford University, California 94305.


A mutant form of yeast RNA polymerase II that lacks the fourth and seventh largest subunits, referred to as pol II delta 4/7, crystallized on positively charged lipid layers. Both single-layered (two-dimensional) crystals and several multi-layered crystal forms were obtained. The two-dimensional crystals, preserved in negative stain, diffracted strongly to about 1/20 A-1 and more weakly to 1/13 A-1 resolution. A projection map computed from averaged Fourier transforms revealed four pol II delta 4/7 complexes per unit cell and further revealed a cleft on the surface of the complex similar to that previously observed in the structure of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase. One of the multi-layered crystal forms, preserved in negative stain, diffracted strongly beyond 1/15 A-1 resolution. Coherent diffraction from the multi-layered crystal is indicative of protein-protein interactions between layers and ordering in the third dimension.

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