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Genetika. 1991 May;27(5):820-7.

[Chromosomal control of chiasma distribution in house mice. Analysis of chiasma distribution in homo- and heterozygotes by inversion in chromosome 1].

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Examination of chiasma distribution in the chromosome 1 in male mice homo- and heterozygous for distal inversion In(1)12Rk and in normal mice was carried out. No differences in chiasma distribution was found between homozygotes for the inversion and homozygotes for normal chromosome 1. A drastic change in this trait was revealed in heterozygous animals. In heterozygotes, the telomeric segments of SC were asynapsed and unavailable for recombination. This leads to significant decrease in the frequency of bivalents bearing chiasmata in pretelomeric region. In turn, it produced chiasma redistribution in proximal noninverted portion of the bivalent 1. These results could be interpreted as evidence for chromosomal control of chiasma distribution pattern: the distance of certain part of the chromosome from telomere and interference (which also operates at the chromosomal level) are more important for determination of the chiasmata frequency in the given region, than its genetic content.

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