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Ann ICRP. 2008;38(1-2):1-197. doi: 10.1016/j.icrp.2008.08.003.

Radiation dose to patients from radiopharmaceuticals. Addendum 3 to ICRP Publication 53. ICRP Publication 106. Approved by the Commission in October 2007.


In this report, the Commission provides biokinetic and dosimetric models for 33 radiopharmaceuticals, as well as recommendations related to breast feeding for mothers who have undergone a nuclear medicine investigation. The report is based on Addenda 3-9 to Publication 53. Addenda 3-7 have been available on the ICRP website ( as interim reports. The work has been carried out by a Joint Task Group of ICRP Committees 2 and 3. This publication provides biokinetic models, absorbed doses, and effective doses for the following radiopharmaceuticals: 11C-acetate; 11C-amino acids; 11C-brain receptor substances; 11C-methionine; 18F-amino acids; 18F-FET; 18F-FDG; 111In-monoclonal antibodies/fragments; 123I-fatty acids (BMIPP, IPPA); 123I-monoclonal antibodies/fragments; 131I-monoclonal antibodies/fragments; and 201Tl-ion. The publication also provides realistic maximum models for 11C- and 18F-substances, for which no specific models are available.

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