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J Neurooncol. 1991 Jun;10(3):233-40.

A study on the biological behavior of human brain tumors. Part I. Arachidonic acid metabolism and DNA content.

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Department of Surgery, Neurosurgery, University of Pavia, Policlinico S. Matteo, Italy.


The study of proliferative characteristics and biochemical aspects seem to be of great importance in order to define brain neoplastic behavior. The purpose of this study is to verify the existence of any possible correlation between Arachidonic Acid (AA) metabolism and proliferative characteristics in 30 meningiomas and 30 neuroepithelial tumors. The most represented metabolite in neuroepithelial tumors is TxB2, while 6-Keto-PGF1 alpha is the lowest represented product. Unimodal DNA distribution was observed in 66% of neuroepithelial tumors and in 87% of meningiomas. Aneuploidy was more frequent in glioblastomas and anaplastic meningiomas as previously reported; AA overall synthesis capacity and profile were similar between unimodal and bimodal cases of neuroepithelial tumors. Total AA metabolite, as well as TxB2 and PGD2, synthesis capacity are significantly higher in cases with S-phase cell percentage greater than or equal to 3% than in cases with S-phase % less than 3%. Total production of AA metabolites via the cyclooxygenase pathway is significantly higher in meningiomas with bimodal DNA distribution than in cases with unimodal DNA content; when considering S-phase cell percentage, similarly to what observed in neuroepithelial tumors, meningiomas with S% greater than 3% shows a significantly higher overall synthesis capacity for AA. AA metabolism capacity well correlates with proliferative patterns in neuroepithelial tumors: the relationship depends preferentially on TxB2 and PGD2 synthesis capacity. In cases of meningiomas, the amount of AA metabolites seem to be related to DNA content and proliferative activity when anaplastic features are histologically demonstrated.

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