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Oncogene. 1991 Jun;6(6):917-28.

EGR3, a novel member of the Egr family of genes encoding immediate-early transcription factors.

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Department of Medicine, Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Chicago, Illinois 60637.


We have previously described two cellular immediate-early genes, Egr-1 (mouse) and EGR2 (human) that encode zinc finger proteins. Here we report the characterization of a new member of the Egr family referred to as EGR3 (human). This cDNA clone was isolated using low stringency hybridization with the zinc finger domain of Egr-1. The EGR3 cDNA sequence predicts a 387 amino acid (a.a.) protein containing three Cys2-His2 zinc fingers nearly identical to those of Egr-1 and EGR2. This similarity has a functional consequence: EGR3 can activate transcription of a CAT gene linked to the sequence CGCCCCCGC, a cis element which is a target for Egr-1 and EGR2. We show that EGR3 is an immediate-early growth response gene induced by mitogenic stimulation of rodent and human fibroblasts and a monkey kidney epithelial cell line. The EGR3 gene has a single intron and maps to chromosome 8 at bands p21-23.

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