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Vet Ther. 2008 Fall;9(3):176-83.

Comparative efficacy of imidacloprid, selamectin, fipronil-(S)-methoprene, and metaflumizone against cats experimentally infested with Ctenocephalides felis.

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University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, B├╝nteweg 17, Hannover, Germany.


Four active ingredients--imidacloprid selamectin, fipronil-(S)-methoprene, and metaflumizone--were tested to assess the speed of flea kill against existing flea infestations and subsequent reinfestations. Thirty flea-infested cats were allocated to four treatment groups and one untreated control group. Flea counts were performed 6, 18, and 48 hours after treatment (day 0) and 2, 4, and 24 hours after weekly flea reinfestations. Cats were also reinfested with fleas after the 6- and 18-hour counts on day 0 and after the 2- and 4-hour counts on subsequent count days. Imidacloprid provided significantly greater flea kill at diverse time points. At the 24-hour counts, all compounds showed expected and similar high efficacies. On study day 34, imidacloprid showed the highest efficacy at 24 hours after reinfestation, with 90.8% flea reduction compared with 55.7% to 67.4% in the other treatment groups. A single topical application of imidacloprid provided a high efficacy in the early elimination of adult fleas, limiting the risk of pathogen transmission and flea allergy dermatitis.

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