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Platelets. 2008 Nov;19(7):496-501. doi: 10.1080/09537100802302225.

Preservation of platelet aggregation and dense granule secretion during extended storage of blood samples in the presence of a synthetic dual inhibitor of factor Xa and thrombin.

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Institute of Hemostaseology and Transfusion Medicine, Academic City Hospital, Ludwigshafen, Germany.


The clinical significance of platelet function tests may be limited by the use of citrate anticoagulant. We examined the influence of BAPA, a dual inhibitor of factor Xa and thrombin, on platelet responsiveness to agonists when measured between 2 and 48 h after venipuncture. Blood samples from 24 healthy individuals were anticoagulated with citrate or BAPA. Impedance platelet aggregation (IPA) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) release induced by ADP, collagen and thrombin-receptor activating peptide (TRAP) were determined in whole blood after a storage period between 2 and 48 h after venipuncture. Citrate resulted in significantly reduced collagen or TRAP-induced IPA and ATP release when measured 32 h and 48 h after blood collection. ADP-induced IPA and ATP release in citrated blood dropped significantly between 8 and 24 h. The length of storage of BAPA-anticoagulated blood samples over 48 h had no significant influence on platelet response to collagen and TRAP. In BAPA-anticoagulated blood, ADP-induced IPA and ATP secretion in whole blood were maintained over a storage period of 32 h. No difference in ADP-induced ATP secretion in whole blood anticoagulated with citrate and BAPA was observed, but it was largely suppressed in BAPA-anticoagulated platelet rich plasma. IPA and ATP release remain stable for at least 32 h when whole blood is anticoagulated with a dual inhibitor of factor Xa and thrombin. This would allow shipment of samples for platelet function testing on the following day. Platelet secretion studies in whole blood may include platelet activation by ADP when BAPA is used as anticoagulant.

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