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Int J Cancer. 1977 Jan;19(1):27-33.

Establishment in continuous culture of a new type of lymphocyte from a "Burkitt like" malignant lymphoma (line D.G.-75).


The isolation and establishment in vitro of a hitherto undescribed type of lymphocyte designated D.G.-75 is reported. The original inoculum was derived from the pleural effusion of a child with a primary abdominal lymphoma, which clinically and histologically resembled Burkitt's lymphoma. In addition to the absence of the EBV genome and EBV receptors, this line possesses a number of other properties which distinguish it from previously described lymphoblastoid cell lines. It has different growth characteristics and morphology; does not form EAC or E rosettes (representative of B and T) cell surface markers, respectively); possesses IgM-kappa immunoglobulins on the cell surface (B lymphocyte), has an unusually high cap-forming ability and low agglutinability with fluorescent concanavalin A. One homologue of the No.14 chromosome pair possesses extra chromatin material as revealed on chromosome banding. This abnormal chromosome marker is similar to that described in biopsies and cultured tumor cells from patients with African Burkitt's lymphoma.

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