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Acta Odontol Latinoam. 2008;21(1):17-20.

Efficacy of an ionic toothbrush on gingival crevicular fluid--a pilot study.

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Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.


The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of an ionic and a conventional toothbrush in reducing gingival inflammation measured by gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) volume. Twenty dental students participated in this randomized crossover clinical trial. Quigley-Hein (QH) Plaque Index was assessed in six sites per tooth. GCF was measured in 3 teeth. Two experimental periods of 28 days with a 14-day washout were set. Mean values of GCF were calculated and tested by paired sample t-test. Correlations between % QH = O and alterations in GCF were performed. No significant differences were observed between conventional and ionic toothbrushes respectively neither at baseline (.62 +/- .19 vs. .55 +/- .18) nor at 28 days (.44 +/- .12 vs. .47). A negative correlation (-.33) was detected between the increase in % of QH = O and GCF for both brushes. It may be concluded that the performance of an ionic toothbrush does not differ from that of a conventional brush.

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