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J Biochem. 1991 Mar;109(3):444-9.

Polyamine distributions in thermophilic eubacteria belonging to Thermus and Acidothermus.

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College of Medical Care and Technology, Gunma University.


Triamines such as norspermidine, spermidine, and homospermidine and tetraamines such as norspermine, spermine, thermospermine, and aminopropylhomospermidine were found to be distributed ubiquitously in the eight extremely thermophilic (growing at 70 degrees C) Thermus species tested. Three linear pentaamine (caldopentamine, homocaldopentamine, and thermopentamine), two linear hexaamines (caldohexamine and homocaldohexamine), two tertiary branched tetraamines (N4-aminopropylnorspermidine and N4-aminopropyl-spermidine), and quaternary branched pentaamines such as N4-bis(aminopropyl)norspermidine and N4-bis(aminopropyl)spermidine were detected in T. thermophilus HB8, T. filiformis Wai33 A1, T. flavus AT-62, and T. caldophilus GK24. The linear hexaamines and branched polyamines were absent in T. aquaticus YT-1, T. sp. X-1, T. sp. T2, and T. sp. T351, in which linear pentaamines were minor components. Moderately thermophilic Thermus ruber and Thermus sp. K-2 contained putrescine, spermidine, norspermidine, homospermidine, spermine, norspermine, thermospermine, and aminopropylhomospermidine. No pentaamines, hexaamines, or branched polyamines were found in these two moderately thermophilic Thermus species. On the other hand, moderately thermophilic, acidophilic Acidothermus cellulolyticus was devoid of all the polyamines.

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