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FEBS Lett. 1991 Aug 5;287(1-2):47-52.

Pericentral expression pattern of glucokinase mRNA in the rat liver lobulus.

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Department of Anatomy and Embryology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


The spatial distribution of glucokinase mRNA (GK mRNA) in rat liver was studied by in situ hybridization under normal and inducing conditions. GK mRNA was first detectable in the liver parenchyma of neonatal rats of 1.5 days. The density of grains decreases in a central-portal direction. This pattern remains essentially unchanged up to 15 days, after which the adult type of distribution gradually starts to develop, i.e. low density of grains indicating low levels of GK mRNA, in which no gradient of expression could be visualized. Within 2 h after an oral glucose load to starved animals, the GK mRNA expression pattern changed from hardly detectable to a clear gradient with the highest grain density around the terminal central venules. Within 6 h relatively high levels of grains, almost homogeneously distributed across the liver lobule, were observed. Glucocorticosteroid treatment also induced GK mRNA in the pericentral area. It is concluded that the observed induction pattern qualifies GK mRNA as a pericentral mRNA suggesting that the pericentral expression pattern of the protein is primarily regulated at the pretranslational level.

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