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Can J Genet Cytol. 1976 Sep;18(3):397-409.

The function of mitochondrial genes in Neurospora crassa.


The 18 extranuclear mutants of Neurospora crassa, without exception, have abnormal mitochondrial respiratory systems. On the basis of genetic, phenotypic and physiological criteria, these mutants are divided into four groups: 1) the cytochrome aa3 and b deficient "poky" variants that are defective in mitochondrial ribosomes assembly, 2) the cytochrome aa3 deficient mutants, [mi-3] and [exn-5], that appear to have genetic lesions affecting a component of a regulatory system controlling cytochrome aa3 synthesis, 3) the cytochrome aa3 and b deficient "stopper" mutants with physiological lesions that probably affect mitochondrial protein synthesis, and 4) cni-3, a mutant that is constitutive for an inducible mitochondrial cyanide-insensitive oxidase in spite of having a normal cytochrome mediated electron-transport system. It is proposed that the mitochondrial genophore not only codes for cellular components that are essential for the formation of the mitochondrial protein synthesizing apparatus, but also for components of a regulatory system that coordinates the expression of nuclear and mitochondrial genes during the biogenesis of the mitochondrial electorn-transport system.

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