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Sci China C Life Sci. 1999 Oct;42(5):506-16. doi: 10.1007/BF02881775.

Molecular cloning, expression analysis and chromosomal mapping of salt-responsive cDNAs in rice (Orym sativa L.).

Author information

Plant Biotechnology Laboratory, Institute of Genetics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 100101, Beijing, China.


By using differential display PCR (DD-PCR) technique, two salt-inducible and one salt-repressed cDNA fragments were isolated from rice. The three cDNA fragments were characterized respectively as partial sequence of rice S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase (SAMDC) gene, a new member of translation elongation factor 1A gene (namedREF1 A), and a novel gene whose function is unknown (namedSRG1). The full-length cDNA of SAMDC gene (namedSAMDC1) was further isolated by RT-PCR approach and the deduced polypeptide was found to be homologous to SAMDC proteins of other plants, yeast and buman. Northern hybridization revealed that expression of SAMDCl and REFlA was induced, while SRGl was dramatically repressed, by salinity stress. Southern blot analysis demonstrated that SAMDCl and SRGl were present as a single copy gene in rice genome, whereas riceREF1 A gene was organized as a gene family. TheREF1 A,SAMDC1, andSRG1 genes were located on chromosome 3,4, and 6 respectively by RFLP mapping approach using ZYQ8/JX17 DH population and RFLP linkage maps.


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