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Virology. 1991 Sep;184(1):417-22.

Functional domains of HIV-1 gag-polyprotein expressed in baculovirus-infected cells.

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Laboratoire de Virologie & Pathogénèse Moléculaires, Institut de Biologie, Faculté de Médecine, Montpellier, France.


Seven recombinants of AcNPV harboring various forms of complete or truncated gag gene from HIV-1 were constructed to determine which functional domains of the gag polyprotein are implicated in its self-assembly and cellular localization. The p6 carboxy-terminal portion of the p15 NCgag domain appeared to be dispensable for assembly, budding, and release of gag particles by insect cells. However, all the morphopoietic information was not entirely confined to the p9 NC domain, as N-myristylation could compensate for p15 NC deletion in gag assembly and the budding process. The two consensus karyophilic signals situated in the p17 MAgag domain were inefficient for targeting nonmyristylated forms of gag polyprotein to the nucleus when the p6 NC domain was deleted. In the presence of p6, or with a third, baculovirus-specific, karyophilic signal added at its N-terminus, gag particles relocated in the nucleus. These data suggested that p6 played a critical role in the conformation of gag polyprotein.

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