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Plasmid. 1991 Jan;25(1):16-26.

Molecular organization of the minimal replicon of novel, narrow-host-range, lactococcal plasmid pCI305.

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Department of Food Microbiology, University College, Cork, Ireland.


Plasmid pCI305 is an 8.7-kb, narrow-host-range, cryptic plasmid originating from Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis UC317. The nucleotide sequence of the pCI305 replication region was determined. A single open reading frame of 1158 bp was identified in the trans-active domain repB. The size of the predicted repB protein (46 kDa) is in close agreement with the size of the repB product visualized in vivo in Escherichia coli when repB was placed under control of the inducible phi T7 RNA polymerase promoter. In vivo substitution of the native repB promoter sequence with a Tn5-derived promoter sequence was demonstrated. repA, a 344-bp cis-acting region which is the probable pCI305 replication origin region, was noncoding, was AT-rich, and possessed a unique set of inverted and direct repeat sequences. No significant homology between repA or repB and other gram-positive replication regions was evident. Combined with the absence of a detectable single-stranded DNA intermediate during replication, these results indicate that the pCI305 replication region differs markedly from most gram-positive replicons examined to date. The presence on other lactococcal plasmids of replication regions related to that of pCI305 was demonstrated.

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