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Genome. 1995 Aug;38(4):673-80.

Cytogenetics of chromosome rearrangements in Tribolium castaneum.


The karyotype of the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum, was reexamined and improved by restriction enzyme banding with HpaII. After this treatment, each of the 10 chromosomes were identified in spermatogonial metaphase cells and 3 of the 8 autosomal bivalents and the XY pair were identified in spermatocyte metaphase I nuclei. Based on centromere position, relative length, and banding pattern, probable correlations between some of the mitotic chromosomes and some of the metaphase I bivalents were ascertained. Thus improved, the karyotypes of beetles harboring genetically defined translocations were investigated. Spermatocyte metaphase I nuclei were most informative, as normal chromosome pairing was visibly disrupted by rearrangements. Bivalents associated with each rearrangement were identified. Results demonstrated that each of the five best defined T. castaneum linkage groups corresponds to a different chromosome and established correspondence between bivalents and linkage groups 1-4. The relevance of these findings is discussed with regard to Tribolium genetics and evolution.


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