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Genome. 1994 Dec;37(6):1005-10.

Marker-based inferences about fecundity genes contributing to inbreeding depression in Mimulus guttatus.


Eight unlinked isozyme loci were used as genetic markers to characterize fecundity genes contributing to inbreeding depression in two selfed progeny arrays of Mimulus guttatus. Five fecundity traits were measured. Six of eight marked chromosomal segments were significantly associated with the expression of these traits. The number of genes detected for five traits in two progeny arrays varied, with an average of 2.8 genes per trait. Individual segments explained 1.44-9.29%, and together accounted for 3.85-11.32%, of phenotypic variation. Of 20 significant associations, 10 could be interpreted as exhibiting partial dominance, 7 overdominance, 3 partial recessivity, and 0 underdominance. Significant pairwise epistasis was rare. The results of this study suggest that inbreeding depression is caused by many deleterious genes of relatively small, partially dominant effects.

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