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Genome. 1994 Aug;37(4):607-12.

Genomic in situ hybridization in Avena sativa.


Genomic fluorescent in situ hybridization was employed in the study of the genome organization and evolution of hexaploid oat (Avena sativa L. cv. Sun II, AACCDD, 2n = 6x = 42). Genomic DNAs from two diploid oat species, Avena strigosa (genomic constitution AsAs, 2n = 14) and Avena pilosa (genomic constitution CpCp, 2n = 14), were used as probes in the study. The DNA from A. strigosa labelled 28 of the 42 (2/3) chromosomes of the hexaploid oat, while 14 of the 42 (1/3) chromosomes were labelled with A. pilosa DNA, indicating a close relationship between the A and D genomes. Results also suggested that at least 18 chromosomes (9 pairs) were involved in intergenomic interchanges between the A and C genomes.


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