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Genome. 1994 Apr;37(2):264-70.

Genome size and base composition in Medicago sativa and M. truncatula species.


The genome size (1C value) and base composition of 14 ecotypes of two species of tetraploid and diploid Medicago have been assessed by flow cytometry. These parameters vary both between and within species. The diploid annual Medicago truncatula Gaertn. had the smallest genome of the group studied (which also covered M. sativa L. subsp. sativa, M. sativa L. subsp. caerulea (Less. ex Ledeb.) Schmalh., M. sativa L. subsp. quasifalcata Sinsk., M. sativa L. subsp. x varia (Martyn) Arcangeli; however, its ecotypes revealed substantial intraspecific variation. The smallest M. truncatula genome observed was ecotype 108-1 with 1C = 0.49 pg and 38.1% GC and the largest was Jemalong with 1C = 0.57 pg and 38.6% GC. The degree of polysomaty in these Medicago was low, although in some tissues the frequency of cells with 4C nuclei reached 50%.


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