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Genome. 1996 Oct;39(5):898-908.

Dosage effects on morphological and quantitative traits in maize aneuploids.


Dosage effects generated by either loss or gain of a chromosome segment were used to identify chromosome regions associated with morphological and quantitative characters in maize (Zea mays L.). Using B-A translocation stocks introgressed into a B73Ht background, a chromosome arm dosage series in a Mo17Ht x B73Ht F1 hybrid background was created for 18 of the 20 chromosome arms. The dosage series was then evaluated for 12 quantitatively inherited characters to associate specific phenotypic changes in a trait with a specific chromosome arm. Not only did our results show the familiar aneuploid syndrome phenomenon, but differential dosage effects among particular chromosome arms were demonstrated. All the quantitative traits measured and all the chromosome arms examined in this study were responsive to changes in chromosome arm dosage. The possible bases behind those differences and their utility in identifying quantitative trait loci, as well as the genetic relationships among the group of quantitatively inherited characters studied, are considered. Key words : corn, chromosome arm, B-A translocations, dosage analysis.


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