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Genome. 1996 Jun;39(3):543-8.

Molecular evidence for Triticum speltoides as a B-genome progenitor of wheat (Triticum aestivum).


In polyploid wheat, the origin of the B-genome donor has remained relatively unknown in spite of a number of investigations attempting to identify the parental species. A project was designed to isolate and clone a genome-specific DNA sequence from Triticum speltoides L. to determine if that species could be the B-genome donor. A cloning scheme involving the prescreening of 1-kb fragments followed by colony, dot blot, and Southern blot hybridization screenings was used to isolate a speltoides-specific sequence (pSp89.XI). The methods used allowed for rapid isolation of a genome-specific sequence when screened against total DNA from closely related species. Subsequent analyses showed that the sequence was barely detected in any of the other genomes of the annual Sitopsis section. The results of dot blot and Southern blot analyses established that (i) the sequence pSP89.XI, specific to T. speltoides relative to the other species of the Sitopsis section, was present in the genomes of tetraploid and hexaploid wheat, (ii) the relative abundance of pSp89.XI seemed to decrease from the diploid to the polyploid wheats, and (iii) the existence of a related, but modified B genome in polyploid wheat compared with that in modern T. speltoides was probable. Key words : genome-specific, DNA.


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