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Virology. 1991 Feb;180(2):857-60.

Regression of v-src DNA-induced sarcomas is under host genetic control.

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Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104.


Previous results have established that subcutaneous inoculation of chickens (line SC) with a v-src(+) subviral DNA fragment induces the formation of progressor sarcomas at the wing web site of inoculation. Because the sarcoma cells are incompetent for production of exogenous progeny virus, this system is a useful model of tumor expansion by sarcoma cell division, in the absence of infection-mediated recruitment of new tumor cells. The present study was undertaken to define conditions that modulate the pattern of growth (regression vs progression) of v-src DNA-induced sarcomas. These conditions were found to include the line of chicken or the presence on the subviral v-src(+) DNA fragment of a viral replication-specific sequence that includes env.

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