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Virology. 1991 Jan;180(1):327-38.

Regulation of JCVL promoter function: evidence that a pentanucleotide "silencer" repeat sequence AGGGAAGGGA down-regulates transcription of the JC virus late promoter.

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Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107.


The human neurotropic papovavirus JCV contains sequences within the two 98-bp tandem repeats which play a key role in glial-specific transcription of the viral early and late promoters. Previous analysis of the 98-bp sequence has delineated several protein-binding domains that are recognized by nuclear factors present in human brain cells. In the present study, by deletion mutation analysis, we have identified a region within each 98-bp repeat that reduces transcriptional activity of the JCV late promoter (JCVL). Using synthetic oligonucleotides spanning this region, designated "OP," we demonstrate that down-regulation of the JCVL promoter is associated with a pentanucleotide repeat sequence (AGGGAAGGGA) juxtaposed to the poly(dA) tract within the 98-bp tandem repeats. The OP sequence interacts specifically with a protein derived from glial nuclear extract and forms a major 56- to 60-kDa complex. Methylation interference experiment indicates that the three G residues proximal to the poly(dA) tract make major groove contacts with the protein. Single-base-pair substitution of these residues suggests that the complex can form in the presence of two of the three guanosyl residues. The possible role of this protein in regulating the JCV lytic cycle in concert with nearby regulatory elements within JCV promoter region is discussed.

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