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Tsitologiia. 2008;50(1):62-6.

[Immunofluorescent analysis of meiotic recombination and interference in the domestic cat].

[Article in Russian]


The aim of this work was an analysis of frequency, density and distribution of recombination sites in male meiosis of the domestic cat. The study was carried out using immunofluorescent staining of synaptonemal complex (SC) proteins, centromeric proteins and mismatch repair protein MLH1, a reliable marker of the sites of crossing over. We mapped 2633 sites of crossing over at 1098 individual autosomes. On the basis of these data the total length of the domestic cat genetic map was estimated as 2176 centimorgans. We found a typical for all mammals studied positive correlation between the length of SC and the number of recombination sites. The domestic cat demonstrated the highest among mammals density of recombination and the lowest interference.

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