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Cell. 1991 May 3;65(3):395-407.

Association of Myn, the murine homolog of max, with c-Myc stimulates methylation-sensitive DNA binding and ras cotransformation.

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Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Kaplan Cancer Center, New York, New York.


Myn, a novel murine approximately 18 kd basic/helix-loop-helix/"leucine zipper" (B/HLH/LZ) protein, forms a specific DNA-binding complex with the c-Myc oncoprotein through the HLH/LZ motif in both proteins. c-Myc/Myn recognizes a c-Myc-binding site (GACCACGTGGTC) with higher affinity than either protein by itself. CpG methylation of the recognition site greatly inhibits DNA binding, suggesting that DNA methylation may regulate the c-Myc/Myn complex in vivo. In 3T3 fibroblasts, Myn mRNA levels are induced several-fold by serum with delayed early kinetics, suggesting regulation by immediate-early gene products. Coexpression of Myn in a myc/ras rat embryo fibroblast focus formation assay specifically augmented c-myc transforming activity. We suggest that interaction of Myn with c-Myc stabilizes sequence-specific DNA binding in vivo.

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