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Scoliosis intensive out-patient rehabilitation based on Schroth method.

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Instituto Elena Salvá, Via Augusta 185, Barcelona, Spain.


Conservative management of idiopathic scoliosis (IS) and other spinal deformities is a real alternative to surgical treatment. Most of adolescent with IS can be managed conservatively with high safety. Many infantile and juvenile cases show also a good immediate response to conservative care, which can be considered a sign of good prognosis. Only patients showing a continue deterioration even treated conservatively with efficient techniques should be considered candidates to surgical correction and stabilization. Rehabilitation (including specific exercises) and bracing are usually involved in conservative care of IS. In this paper we describe our personal approach in conservative scoliosis care regarding rehabilitation. Bracing has been described in a different paper also published in the present book. Specific exercises can change the signs and symptoms in scoliosis patients. Specialists in physiotherapy for spinal deformities teach the patient how to perform a routine of 'curve pattern' specific exercises with the purpose to facilitate the correction of the asymmetric posture and to teach the patient to maintain the corrected posture in daily activities. Principles of correction are based on those developed by the German physiotherapist K. Schroth.

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