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Arch Biochem Biophys. 1991 Aug 1;288(2):584-90.

Formation and properties of smooth muscle myosin 20-kDa light chain-skeletal muscle myosin hybrids and photocrosslinking from the maleimidylbenzophenone-labeled light chain to the heavy chain.

Author information

Department of Biology, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio 44106.


Experimental conditions which permit the exchange of smooth muscle 20-kDa light chain into skeletal muscle myosin are described. The hybridization does not result in the regulation of actin-activated ATPase activity of the hybrid myosin by smooth light chain phosphorylation. Further, the KCl dependence of the Mg-ATPase activity of the hybrid was similar to that of skeletal muscle myosin. The dephosphorylation of the smooth light chain in the hybrid did not induce a conformational change in the hybrid from the 6 S to the 10 S state, thereby indicating that the conformational transition is dependent also on the nature of the heavy chain subunit. Exchange of the smooth light chain premodified at its Cys-108 by photolabile 4-(N-maleimido)benzophenone and photolysis resulted in crosslinking to the heavy chain subunit. Immunopeptide mapping using a monoclonal antibody against residues 1-23 at the N-terminus of the skeletal muscle myosin heavy chain identified the location of the photocrosslinking site to be beyond 92 kDa away from the N-terminus.

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