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Appl Opt. 1998 Apr 1;37(10):1713-9.

Absolute Photoabsorption Measurements of Molybdenum in the Range 60-930 eV for Optical Constant Determination.


Transmission measurements for the optical constants delta, beta of thecomplex refractive index n = 1 - delta + ibeta of molybdenum are performed in the energy range 60-930eV. Free-standing C/Mo/C foils of five different thicknesses are used, and the results are normalized for the presence of the carbon layers in the samples. These absorption results are combined with previous experimental data in the lower energy range and values fromthe atomic tables to obtain the imaginary (absorptive) part of the refractive index for molybdenum in the range 1-30,000 eV. The real(dispersive) part of n was calculated from Kramers-Kronig analysis with the above absorption data. An evaluation with the partial sum rules demonstrates that this new compilation provides an improved set of values for n covering a wider energy range compared with the current tabulated values. The new results are applied so as to calculate thenormal-incidence reflectivities of Mo/Si and Mo/Be multilayer mirrors.

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