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Immunol Cell Biol. 2008 May-Jun;86(4):381-4. doi: 10.1038/sj.icb.7100165. Epub 2008 Jan 15.

CD45RA T-cell activation without proliferation by a partial agonist monoclonal antibody to beta1 integrin.

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Department of Immunology, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX 77030, USA.


CD45RA T cells are fully co-activated by natural beta1 integrin ligands fibronectin (FN) and VCAM-1, as well as monoclonal antibody (mAb) 19H8, which binds a combinatorial epitope of the alpha4beta1 heterodimer. These integrin ligands stimulate CD3-dependent proliferation and the upregulation of early activation markers CD25 and CD69. However, beta1-specific antibody 33B6, which binds to a similar range of the predominant T-cell integrins as natural ligands FN (alpha4beta1 and alpha5beta1) and VCAM-1 (alpha4beta1), failed to costimulate proliferation in the CD45RA subset, while retaining the ability to costimulate early activation markers CD25 and CD69. After addition of exogenous human interleukin-2 to the culture media, 33B6 costimulation of proliferation is restored. These data provide evidence that a branch of the alpha4beta1 integrin-signaling pathway in CD45RA T cells can be independently regulated and exploited through the use of partial agonist ligands, including mAbs to the integrin heterodimer.

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