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J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 1991 Dec;31(4):510-20.

Physical performance attributes of junior and senior women, juvenile, junior, and senior men judokas.

Author information

  • 1Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.


The purpose of this study was to describe the physical performance abilities of high level, developing Juvenile men and Junior and Senior men and women judokas. The subjects were 17 women and 43 men identified as members of the 1989 Alberta Judo Team by the Alberta Kodokan Black Belt Association. Physical characteristics and performance abilities were assessed through a battery of tests which included: height, weight and skinfold thickness; static strength (grips, arms, back, and total (TST)); flexibility (trunk forward flexion (TF)); maximum aerobic power (VO2max) (treadmill run); and upper body maximal anaerobic power (PP) and capacity (MP) (upper body Wingate test). Physical performance abilities were not different between the Junior and Senior women and substantially better than normative values for untrained women. Combined values (+/- SD) for Junior and Senior women were: VO2max 44.45 (3.56) ml/kg.min; PP 342.68 (76.92) w; MP 234.99 (46.62) w; TF 39.77 (6.39) cm; TST 127.91 (20.95) kg. The physical performance abilities of the Juvenile men: VO2max 57.62 (3.42) ml/kg.min; PP 406.89 (171.55) w; MP 281.68 (113.42) w; TF 39.35 (6.89) cm; TST 164.63 (51.07) kg; were superior to those of similarly aged, untrained young men, but comparable to those reported for trained adolescent athletes. The Junior men's physical performance abilities: VO2max 59.26 (3.95) ml/kg.min; PP 573.13 (116.83) w; MP 395.12 (61.95) w; TF 39.00 (4.39) cm; TST 221.60 (30.24) kg; were not different from the Senior men's, except for relative maximum oxygen uptake, and generally better than those values reported for other Junior judokas and Junior athletes in some other sports. The Senior men's physical performance abilities: VO2max 53.75 (5.57) ml/kg.min; PP 674.50 (133.26) w; MP 447.85 (87.19) w; TF 38.06 (8.86) cm; TST 223.37 (46.15) kg, were comparable with those reported for other developing, high level Senior judokas, but lower than the values reported for elite judokas competing internationally. These data support the position that successful participation in judo by high level, developing athletes is dependent upon appropriate levels of technical skill supported by above average endurance capacity, upper body anaerobic power and capacity, static strength, and flexibility.

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