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Microbiol Immunol. 2007;51(11):1099-107.

Immune responses of mice to influenza subunit vaccine in combination with CIA07 as an adjuvant.

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  • 1Department of Bioscience & Biotechnology, Institute of Bioscience, Sejong University, Korea.


CIA07 is an immunostimulatory agent composed of E. coli DNA fragments and modified LPS lacking the lipid A moiety. In this study, we investigated whether CIA07 promotes immune responses as an adjuvant to the influenza subunit vaccine. Balb/c mice were immunized intramuscularly once or twice at a 4-week interval with the trivalent influenza subunit vaccine antigen alone or in combination with CIA07 as adjuvant. Antigen-specific serum antibody titers and hemagglutination-inhibition (HI) antibody titers were assessed. At 4 weeks after each immunization, the antigen-specific total serum IgG antibody titer in mice receiving CIA07 was 2 to 3 times higher than that in animals administered antigen alone (P<0.05). The CIA07-treated group additionally displayed higher HI antibody titers against each of the 3 vaccine strains, compared to the antigen group. Animals receiving antigen alone displayed barely detectable antigen-specific serum IgG2a antibody titers. In contrast, coadministration of CIA07 with antigen led to significantly enhanced IgG2a antibody responses, suggesting that CIA07 stimulates a Th1-type immune response. Moreover, the CIA07-treated group displayed a marked increase in the number of interferon gamma-producing CD8(+) T cells in splenocytes. These data collectively demonstrate that CIA07 has the ability to induce both Th1-type cellular and Th2-type humoral immune responses to the influenza subunit vaccine, and support its potential as an effective adjuvant to the influenza vaccine.

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