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Mamm Genome. 1991;1(2):84-91.

Genetic mapping of the t-complex region on mouse chromosome 17 including the Hybrid sterility-1 gene.

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Institute of Molecular Genetics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague.


t-haplotypes occupy a region on chromosome (Chr) 17 which slightly overlaps the ends of the T-H-2 interval. The wild-type form of this 14 centi-Morgan (cM) region was mapped in a multilocus backcross (C57BL/10-T x C3H)F1 x C57BL/10 using 15 DNA probes on Southern blots of the DNA extracted from 53 animals which were recombinants in the T-H-2 interval. Each recombinant was also progeny-tested to ascertain its Hybrid sterility-1 (Hst-1) genotype by crossing to PWB/Ph, a Mus musculus-derived inbred strain. The limit of resolution of the cross was 0.27 cM. The map distances have been determined for the DNA loci in the T-H-2 interval and the Hst-1 gene was mapped in close vicinity to the D17Rp17 locus.

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