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J Biomed Opt. 2007 Sep-Oct;12(5):051903.

Diffuse optical monitoring of blood flow and oxygenation in human breast cancer during early stages of neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

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University of Pennsylvania, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, USA.


We combine diffuse optical spectroscopy (DOS) and diffuse correlation spectroscopy (DCS) to noninvasively monitor early hemodynamic response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in a breast cancer patient. The potential for early treatment monitoring is demonstrated. Within the first week of treatment (day 7) DOS revealed significant changes in tumor/normal contrast compared to pretreatment (day 0) tissue concentrations of deoxyhemoglobin (rctHHbT/N=69+/-21%), oxyhemoglobin (rctO2HbT/N=73+/-25%), total hemoglobin (rctTHbT/N=72+/-17%), and lipid concentration (rctLipidT/N=116+/-13%). Similarly, DCS found significant changes in tumor/normal blood flow contrast (rBFT/N=75+/-7% on day 7 with respect to day 0). Our observations suggest the combination of DCS and DOS enhances treatment monitoring compared to either technique alone. The hybrid approach also enables construction of indices reflecting tissue metabolic rate of oxygen, which may provide new insights about therapy mechanisms.

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