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Arkh Patol. 1991;53(11):42-9.

[Pathomorphology of spiral uterine arteries, umbilical vessels and placenta in disorders of maternal-fetal circulation].

[Article in Russian]


The comparison of the spiral uterine arteries structure, umbilical vessels and placenta is performed in 16 women with normal haemodynamics and in 31 women with disturbances of mother-foetus circulation, and the data obtained were compared with results of dopplerometry made before the delivery. Three clinical groups are distinguished according to the predominant localization of the resistance to the blood flow: the first--with the domination of the spiral arteries obliteration (lack of gestational changes, hyperplastic arteriosclerosis) with a characteristic ultrastructural pathology of the syncytiotrophoblast microvilli, rheological disturbances in the intervillous space and large necroses of villi; the second--with a predominance of early immaturity of the stroma and capillaries or sclerosis and compression of foetal villous capillaries, i. e. with a reduction of a capillary bed and increase of the resistance to the blood flow; the third--with a predominance of the umbilical arteries narrowing and supporting villi and signs of a blood stasis in the foetal veins. Morphologic heterogeneity of the mother--foetus circulation disturbances should be taken into consideration when choosing obstetric tactics.

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