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J Comb Chem. 2008 Jan-Feb;10(1):56-62. Epub 2007 Nov 8.

Solution-phase parallel synthesis of carbamates as gamma-secretase inhibitors.

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Schering-Plough Research Institute, 2015 Galloping Hill Road, Kenilworth, New Jersey 07033, USA.


A novel methodology for parallel liquid-phase synthesis of carbamates suitable for the preparation of sterically hindered molecules is disclosed. The alcohols are converted to 4-nitrophenylcarbonates, followed by the reaction with amines. Side product 4-nitrophenol and the unreacted excess amines are scavenged by appropriately chosen cleanup resins, selected among Amberlyst A26 (hydroxide form) and macroporous sulfonic acid (MP-TsOH) or polystyrene isocyanate (PS-NCO) and polystyrene benzaldehyde (PS-PhCHO) resins. As a part of a medicinal chemistry program directed toward finding gamma-secretase inhibitors as prospective drug candidates for Alzheimer's disease, a 6 x 24 library of carbamates was prepared. Out of 144 library members, 133 had a purity for the targeted compound of 80% or better. The prepared compounds were assessed in the gamma-secretase inhibition assay and demonstrated activity with IC 50 values in the range from 1 microM to 5 nM, with the activity of 7 compounds being better than 10 nM.

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