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Inorg Chem. 2007 Nov 12;46(23):9827-40. Epub 2007 Oct 17.

4-amino- and 4-nitrodipicolinatovanadium(V) complexes and their hydroxylamido derivatives: synthesis, aqueous, and solid-state properties.

Author information

Department of Chemistry, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado 80523, USA.


A number of 4-substituted, dipicolinatodioxovanadium(V) complexes and their hydroxylamido derivatives were synthesized to characterize the solid state and solution properties of five- and seven-coordinate vanadium(V) complexes. The X-ray crystal structures of Na[VO2dipic-NH2].2H2O (2) and K[VO2dipic-NO2] (3) show the vanadium adopting a distorted, trigonal-bipyramidal coordination environment similar to the parent coordination complex, [VO2dipic]- (1), reported previously as the Cs+ salt. The observed differences in the chemical shifts of the complexes both in the 1H (ca. 0.7-1.4 ppm) and 51V (ca. 1-11 ppm) NMR spectra were consistent with the electron-donating or electron-withdrawing properties of the substituent groups, respectively. Stoichiometric addition of a series of hydroxylamine ligands (H2NOH, MeHNOH, Me2NOH, and Et2NOH) to complexes 1-3 led to the formation of seven-coordinate vanadium(V) complexes. The X-ray crystal structure of [VO(dipic)(Me2NO)(H2O)].0.5H2O (1c) was found to be similar to the previously characterized complexes [VO(dipic)(H2NO)(H2O)] (1a) and [VO(dipic)(OO-tBu)(H2O)]. While only slight differences in the 1H NMR spectra were observed upon addition of the hydroxylamido ligand, the signals in the 51V NMR spectra change by up to 100 ppm. The addition of the hydroxylamido ligand increased the complex stability of complexes 2 and 3. Evidence for a nonstoichiometric redox reaction was found for the monoalkyl hydroxylamine ligand. The reaction of an unsaturated five-coordinate species with a hydroxylamine to form a seven-coordinate vanadium complex will, in general, dramatically increase the amounts of the vanadium compound that remain intact at pH values near neutral.

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