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J Cell Sci. 2007 Oct 1;120(Pt 19):3345-51.

The Dam1/DASH complex is required for the retrieval of unclustered kinetochores in fission yeast.

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  • 1Division of Yeast Genetics, National Institute for Medical Research, The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, London NW7 1AA, UK.


In fission yeast centromeres cluster at the nuclear envelope in a region underlying the spindle pole body during interphase, an arrangement known as a Rabl configuration. We have identified a strain in which one pair of sister kinetochores is unclustered from the others and binds the nuclear envelope at a point distal to the spindle pole body. We show that during mitosis unclustered kinetochores are captured by intranuclear spindle microtubules which then pull the kinetochores back to one of the two spindle poles before they are bi-oriented on the mitotic spindle. We find that kinetochore retrieval occurs at the depolymerising microtubule plus end and is dependent on the non-essential Dam1/DASH complex. In the absence of Dam1 unclustered kinetochores are captured on the lateral surface of spindle microtubule bundles but poleward kinetochore movement does not occur. These data provide the first direct evidence that the Dam1/DASH complex can couple the force generated by microtubule depolymerisation to direct chromosome movement in vivo.

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