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J Mol Microbiol Biotechnol. 2008;14(4):193-200. Epub 2007 Sep 20.

Development of a fast and reliable method for the assessment of microbial colonization and growth on textiles by DNA quantification.

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Christian Doppler Laboratory for Textile and Fibre Chemistry in Cellulosics, Institute of Textile Chemistry and Textile Physics, Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck, Dornbirn, Austria.


There is a lack of relevant methods to assess the colonization of textiles by skin bacteria because present methods are mainly culture-based procedures. Therefore, the goal of this study was to develop a fast and sensitive culture-independent procedure for the quantification of microbial colonization and growth on textiles. We have established a suitable protocol to use DNA quantification as a reliable method for in vitroand in vivoinvestigations of textiles. For DNA extraction, a two-step procedure comprising treatment of the textile with a solution containing Triton X-100 and lysozyme for 1 h and a successive treatment by SDS and proteinase K for 2 h turned out to be most efficient. DNA extracted from textiles and fabrics was than quantified with the highly sensitive PicoGreen fluorescent dye. In vitrochallenge tests demonstrated a strong correlation between numbers of bacteria on textiles and amount of DNA extracted from textiles. Therefore, this method was used to compare different materials after in vivotrials for assessment of their susceptibility for microbial colonization and growth.

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