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Acta Diabetol. 2008 Mar;45(1):15-21. Epub 2007 Sep 6.

Lack of association between the Pro12Ala polymorphism of the PPAR-gamma 2 gene and type 2 diabetes mellitus in the Qatari consanguineous population.

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Molecular Genetics and Lab Medicine and Pathology, Hamad Medical Corporation, Doha, Qatar.


Peroxisome proliferators-activated receptor gamma (PPAR gamma) is a nuclear hormone receptor that serves as a master regulator for adipocytes-specific genes contributing to adipocytes differentiation, insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism. The substitution of proline to alanine at codon 12 of the PPAR gamma 2 gene (Pro12Ala polymorphism) is most widely studied, and the associations with diabetes, obesity, and other clinical parameters have been reported and discussed in several ethnic groups. Among native Qatar ethnicity, however, there is no report about this polymorphism. The aim of this study was to estimate the allele frequency of the Pro12Ala polymorphism of PPAR gamma 2 gene among Qatari population and investigate the association between this polymorphism and obesity or type 2 diabetes. This is a matched case-control study. It was carried out among diabetic patients and healthy subjects at the Primary Healthcare Clinics, and the survey was conducted from February 2003 to March 2006 in Qatari male and female nationals aged 35 to 60 years. The study was based on matched age, sex, and ethnicity of 400 cases (with diabetes) and 450 controls (without diabetes). Face-to-face interviews were based on a questionnaire that included variables such as age, sex, sociodemographic status, body mass index (BMI), and obesity. Their health status was assessed by medical conditions, family history, and blood pressure measurements. The allele frequency of Pro12Ala polymorphism in PPAR gamma 2 gene among Qataris is lower than that in many Caucasian ethnic groups. No association is seen between the Pro12Ala and type 2 Diabetes (0.055 vs 0.059, OR = 1.1311, P = 0.669). Nearly half of the diabetic type 2 patients (48.5%) were obese (BMI > 30) compared to nondiabetic subjects (29.8%) (P < 0.001). In this study, no association is seen between the Pro12Ala polymorphism in PPAR gamma 2 gene and the type 2 diabetes in Qatar.

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