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Mol Microbiol. 1991 Nov;5(11):2685-93.

The kis and kid genes of the parD maintenance system of plasmid R1 form an operon that is autoregulated at the level of transcription by the co-ordinated action of the Kis and Kid proteins.

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Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas (CSIC), Madrid, Spain.


Stability mediated by the parD system of plasmid R1 is modulated by a killer protein, Kid, and by an antagonist of this function, Kis. Determination of the 5' ends of ParD transcripts, revealed that the genes coding for these proteins are transcribed from a single promoter. Analysis of the 3' end of the ParD RNAs indicated the existence of two transcripts: one of them coding for the Kis and Kid proteins, and the other coding only for Kis. Analysis of the effects of parD+ and kis+ recombinants on the beta-galactosidase levels expressed by different transcriptional and translational parD-lacZ fusions, and on the ParD RNA levels determined by a derepressed parD mutant, indicated that the Kis and Kid proteins repress coordinately the parD system at the transcriptional level. We discuss the relevance of these results in terms of the activities of the Kis and Kid proteins and in the context of the stabilization mediated by parD.

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