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Chromosoma. 1991 Dec;101(4):252-8.

Chromosome pairing and recombination in mice heterozygous for different translocations in chromosomes 16 and 17.

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Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk, USSR.


In order to clarify the relationship between meiotic pairing and recombination, an electron microscopic (EM) study of synaptonemal complexes (SC) and an analysis of chiasma frequency and distribution were made in male mice singly and doubly heterozygous for Robertsonian [Rb(16.17)7Bnr] and reciprocal [T(16:17)43H] translocations and also in tertiary trisomics for the proximal region of chromosome 17. In all these genotypes an extensive zone of asynapsis/desynapsis around the breakpoints was revealed. At the same time a high frequency of non-homologous pairing was observed in precentromeric regions of acrocentric chromosomes. The presence in the proximal region of chromosome 17 of the t haplotype did not affect the synaptic behaviour of this region. Chiasma frequency in the proximal region of chromosome 17 in the T(16:17)43H heterozygotes and trisomics was increased when compared with that in Robertsonian heterozygotes.

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