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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2007 Oct 26;362(3):626-32. Epub 2007 Aug 20.

Stimulation of ERAD of misfolded null Hong Kong alpha1-antitrypsin by Golgi alpha1,2-mannosidases.

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Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8397, Saitama 332-0012, Japan.


Terminally misfolded or unassembled proteins are degraded by the cytoplasmic ubiquitin-proteasome pathway in a process known as ERAD (endoplasmic reticulum-associated protein degradation). Overexpression of ER alpha1,2-mannosidase I and EDEMs target misfolded glycoproteins for ERAD, most likely due to trimming of N-glycans. Here we demonstrate that overexpression of Golgi alpha1,2-mannosidase IA, IB, and IC also accelerates ERAD of terminally misfolded human alpha1-antitrypsin variant null (Hong Kong) (NHK), and mannose trimming from the N-glycans on NHK in 293 cells. Although transfected NHK is primarily localized in the ER, some NHK also co-localizes with Golgi markers, suggesting that mannose trimming by Golgi alpha1,2-mannosidases can also contribute to NHK degradation.

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