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J Sci Med Sport. 2008 Nov;11(6):527-34. Epub 2007 Aug 21.

The acute effect of vibration exercise on concentric muscular characteristics.

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Department of Management, Massey University, New Zealand.


This study was designed to compare the acute effect of vibration exercise with a concentric-only activity (arm cranking) on concentric-only muscle action using an upper body isoinertial exercise. Twelve healthy, physically active men, 30.0y+/-6.1 (mean+/-S.D.); height 1.81m+/-0.06; and weight 83.4kg+/-9.7, performed four maximal prone bench pull (PBP) efforts before and after a 5-min period of three different interventions: (1) acute vibration exercise (VBX); (2) arm cranking (AC); and (3) control (no exercise) (NVBX). Electromyography (EMG) activity was assessed from the middle trapezius muscle during PBP. Acute VBX was induced with an electric-powered dumbbell (DB) (frequency 26Hz, amplitude 3mm), with 30-s exposures at five different shoulder positions. NVXB was performed with the participants holding the DB with the machine turned off, and AC was performed at 25W. There was a significant (intervention x pre-post) interaction such that acute VBX and AC enhanced peak power by 4.8% (p<0.001) and 3.0% (p<0.001), respectively, compared to NVBX (-2.7%). However, there was no effect of any treatments on EMG activity compared to the control. In conclusion, acute VBX provides an acute ergogenic effect which potentiates concentric-only muscle performance, though not to a significantly greater extent than concentric (arm cranking) exercise.

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