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J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 2007 Jun;7(6):1878-81.

Synthesis and characterization of gold nanorings.

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Inter University Accelerator Centre, P 0. Box 10502, New Delhi 110067, India.


In the present work, we report the formation of Au nanorings on quartz substrate by thermal evaporation of Au on quartz and subsequent annealing in certain conditions as a function of metal volume fraction and annealing temperature. Optical extinction cross-sections measurements and atomic force microscopy (AFM) studies have been performed on the as-deposited and annealed samples. No signature of nanoparticles formation is found in case of as-deposited samples, while spectra of annealed samples show a clear signature of surface plasmon resonance absorption (SPR) peaks around 580 nm, which reveals the formation of Au nanostructure. AFM images clearly show the formation of Au nanorings under certain conditions. The observed SPR frequency of the Au nanorings in our case is in agreement with the estimated frequency obtained from the formulation of Aizpurua et al. Optical extinction measurements at different incidence angles were performed, which showed splitting of SPR at angles beyond 20 degrees.

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