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RNA. 2007 Sep;13(9):1570-81. Epub 2007 Jul 24.

The Hsp40 chaperone Jjj1 is required for the nucleo-cytoplasmic recycling of preribosomal factors in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

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Défenses Antivirales et Antitumorales, CNRS-UMR5235, Université Montpellier II, France.


Ribosome biogenesis is a major conserved cellular pathway that requires both ribosomal proteins and many preribosomal factors. Most of the pre-60S factors are recycled into the nucleus; some of them shuttle between the nucleus and the cytoplasm while a few others, like Rei1, are strictly cytoplasmic and are mostly involved in the dissociation/recycling of the pre-60S shuttling factors. Here, we investigated the role of the Jjj1 Hsp40 chaperone in ribosome biogenesis. The absence of Jjj1 leads to a cold sensitive phenotype, a defect in the relative amount of the large ribosomal subunit with the appearance of halfmers, and to cytoplasmic accumulation of shuttling factors such as Arx1 and Alb1, which stay bound to the pre-60S particles. Jjj1 is, thus, a novel pre-60S factor involved in the last cytoplasmic steps of the large ribosomal subunit biogenesis. We report the biochemical association of Jjj1 and Rei1 to similar pre-60S complexes, their two-hybrid interactions, and their functional links. Altogether, these results indicate that Rei1 and Jjj1 share many common features. However, while the functions of Jjj1 and Rei1 partially overlap, we could distinguish specific role of the two proteins in Arx1/Alb1 and Tif6 recycling. We propose that Jjj1 is preferentially required for the release of Arx1 and Alb1 shuttling factors from the cytoplasmic pre-60S particles while Rei1 is preferentially involved in their recycling.

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