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Zh Vyssh Nerv Deiat Im I P Pavlova. 2007 May-Jun;57(3):323-35.

[Influence of small doses human interferon-alpha intranasal injection on behavior of rats of different age].

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Behavior of young (3-4 month old) and ageing (12-15 month old) rats was studied during chronic intranasal application of low doses (10 ME or 350 ME) of human interferon-alpha (HIA). In ageing rats HIA did not affect dynamics (days 0th, 8th and 16th) of (a) locomotive and (b) investigative activity in the "open field" test and in two-side defensive conditioning, and (c) decreased anxiety ("open field", "light-darkness" test). In young rats HIA (a) increased locomotive activity by 16th day (it decreased in control), (b) investigative activity did not change (in control it decreased by 8th day; "open field" test), (c) anxiety decreased in the "open field" and increased in "light-darkness" tests, (d) development of conditioned reflex improved (during 2nd learning session in 5 days after the first one). Thus, small doses of HIA differently affected behavior of rats depending on the age and experimental situation. However, both HIA doses changed rats' behavior in the same direction. We suggest that chronic low doses of HIA can regulate different aspects of behavior, but not suppress activity as it is commonly thought. This regulation can be performed via modulation of neuro-immuno-endocrine complex.

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