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J Natl Cancer Inst. 1976 Feb;56(2):423-6.

Host-range properties of murine xenotropic and ecotropic type-C viruses.


Host-range properties of xenotropic (x-tropic) and ecotropic mouse type-C viruses were determined. NB-tropic viruses replicated only in mouse and rat cells, whereas x-tropic viruses, which do not exogenously infect mouse cells, grew in cells from various other mammalian species. Great variability in susceptibilities to x-tropic viruses was demonstrated in cells from heterologous species and in cells from a single species (human). Although rat cells were susceptible to both types of viruses, hamster cells were uniformly resistant. In addition, the x-tropic viruses crossed class barriers to infect cells of avian species but not insect, fish, or reptile cells.

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